When you are in doubt to move ahead

When you are in doubt to move ahead

​​I feel someone needs to hear this today.

If you are feeling yourself being pulled or being inclined to do something that you are sure your soul is gravitating towards, but you are overwhelmed with doubts and feel short of resources, let me remind you: Don’t doubt your feelings.

Here is a message to push you: 

Gideon replied: “but if the Lord is with us, why has all this happened to us?” 

The Lord said: “Go in the strength you have..” 

Gideon said: “but how can I. My clan is the weakest ..and I am the least ” 

The Lord: “I will be with you..”

Like Gideon you may also have your ‘buts’.

God reminds you He is with you.  Go with whatever little strength you have. Nothing you will face is ever going to be bigger than Him. So don’t worry. 


(Conversation excerpt taken in parts from Judges 6: 13 – 16 )

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